Linda Pence / water media painter
My paintings are about the natural beauty of the place I live. Landscapes, beautiful gardens, old houses, nature trails, rivers and lakes are the subject matter that inspires me.
My work is also inspired by my community; the artists, naturalists, writers, teachers, scientists, and healers who contribute their creative energies to our shared community.
Teaching is as much a part of my creative work as painting, working with people as they learn to access their creativity nurtures me and provides the way for my contribution to the community.
My goal is to reflect the beauty of our natural world and inspire its conservation and protection.
In the course of my life I have held two parallel interests which I find myself returning to again and again. One is art and the other is meditation. As a child I loved to paint and draw because of the peaceful quiet place within myself I found when so engaged. Many years later I rediscovered that same internal peace when learning to meditate.
As I learned more about meditation I began painting outdoors where nature seemed to reflect the stillness I sought . At the same time I worked to bring some of the discipline of my meditation practice to bear on my painting.
My work reflects a glimmer of that serenity and peace which can be found in contemplating the quiet beauty of nature.

Born on Staten Island, the most rural borough of New York City I lived in the NY metropolitan area all my life until 1997 when my husband, Akers , and I moved to Gainesville so he could work with endangered butterflies at UF.
I began formal study of art at Philadelphia College of Art while still in High School and continued with 3 years at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. NY
While working as a manager in a busy Health Food business I studied and taught meditation and a path for self awareness with the Arica Institute. I continued my interest in art studying watercolor figure painting at the Art Students League and in extension classes at Cooper Union in NYC.